WE all love a good dig around Primark but there’s no one who knows the store better than Jess Sheppard. 

The 30-year-old influencer from Berkshire is a self-confessed Primark influencer and spends hundreds of pounds a month in stores across the country. 

From budget basics to dazzling dupes of our favourite designer products, Jess has an eye for the best bargains.

Here, she exclusively shares her Primark penny-saving hacks, top trends and the one item you should never buy.

“I do a Primark shop every week and spend up to £150 on essentials like socks and tights, homeware, swimwear, shoes and accessories. 

If I spy something I want, I have to buy it or it’ll sell out and I’ll get FOMO.


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I have so much advice for Primark fans, so I’ll begin with what’s new.

The store is bursting with designer dupes from £30 North Face-inspired puffer jackets to £14 trainers that look just like the viral Nike Dunks, which cost over £100. 

You’ll be lucky to find their must-have of the season, their dupe of the viral Lululemon Define Jacket – it’s more than 80% off the real deal.

I can’t get enough of their matching sweatshirts and sweatpants, either. They’re so on trend I couldn’t resist buying a set in every colour. They’re only £20, so why not? 

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Swimwear is back in stock ahead of the summer holidays and my top tip is to grab it now. 

Every size is in stock and it’s not tossed all over the floor by panicked shoppers doing last minute holiday hauls. Plus, they’re only £9 so I bought the same set in four colours. 

Wedding season is approaching and Primark has got our hen dos sorted with tonnes of party pieces – and the quality isn’t as poor as you might expect. There’s lots of satin sashes, delicate veils and fake flowers for less than a fiver. 

People have this huge misconception that Primark is full of basic clothes that will fall apart after one wash, but it’s not true. 

My wardrobe is full of Primark essentials I bought years ago from black blazers to timeless trench coats – they’re still going strong and won’t go out of fashion. You really don’t need to shell out to get good quality staples.

I don’t just shop at Primark for clothes – their home section is getting so big and they’re even selling furniture.

I snapped up a cute cloud headboard for my bed for £90 – they’re hundreds elsewhere – and I was shocked to see rattan tables and even sideboards under £100.

Don’t turn your nose up at Primark jewellery either. At first, I thought it would look cheap, but you can get some really cute rings and necklaces for a few quid. As long as you take them off to shower and wash your hands, they’ll last you ages. 

I can easily spend a whole day in Primark. I get so distracted by new stock and the massive stores – like Birmingham – have Greggs and even Disney cafes inside, it’s mad. They’ve basically turned into a Debenhams department store.

One of the worst things about Primark is the tills. I hate it when I finish my shopping to find the queue snaking around the store – but my hack means you’ll never make the same mistake. 

Whatever you do, don’t pick a till near the door. That’s where people go on their way out so it’ll always be chaos. 

Instead, head to the back of the shop, or go up a floor or two – it’ll take you a minute longer to leave but you won’t spend half an hour sweating under the shop heater waiting to pay. 

If you can’t find your size in a trending item, don’t bother checking the jumble sale of clothes chucked on the floor. The chances are hundreds of shoppers have rifled through the lot so if it’s not on the rack, it’s not there. 

If you’re trying to save money, it’s probably better to avoid Primark altogether because there’s too many temptations. But if you have to go in, have a plan of action. 

Channel your inner mum – make a list of everything you need and treat the shop like a race track. You can only pit stop at the items you really need. 

And my steadfast rule for a swift shop: never turn right. Stores put their new stock on the right, as it’s the side we gravitate towards, so put your blinkers on and head left to avoid being tempted.

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Primark will always be my go-to shop for basics but there’s one item you should never get: the 90p flip flops. 

They’re cheap and cheerful and don’t last five minutes. Every year I make the mistake of buying a pair for my summer holiday and they fall apart on the first day. Then I’m shoeless!”

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