HOLIDAYSin glorious Hawaii can have their down moments as this young vacationer discovered.

Her hot pink bikini malfunctioned at the worst possible time.

It put her in a precarious position because she was snorkeling at the time.

She learned, to her peril, that cute two-pieces do not necessarily mean functionality.

But it's a detail she might want to look at more closely for future vacations.

It all started so well for Kana (@thisusersdraft777).

She was enjoying time away in gorgeous tropical Hawaii with buddies.

And this lady was going to need the help of friends when her bikini disaster happened.

Days were filled with exploring forests, bathing in waterfalls, and of course playing in the sea.

There was a lot of diving off rocks and exploring the sea bed with the aid of goggles.

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It all looked like so much fun, endless summer days.

But her hot pink bikini clearly could not withstand the strain of such activity.

Emerging from the sea she experienced a wardrobe fail.

“Your bikini always malfunctions at the worst times because it’s cute, not functional," she said.

But, fortunately, she had a friend with her who was on hand to put things right again, disaster averted in the nick of time.

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