Former glamour model Katie Price's filler reportedly 'leaked out on stage' as she discussed her botched bum enhancement in front of a live audience.

The Mucky Mansion star hosted her podcast, The Katie Price Show, live at The Lowry Theatre in Salford, where she talked to the audience about her latest cosmetic procedure.

The 45-year-old stepped out to host the show in a skin-tight hot pink outfit with a sparkly hat and knee-high boots.

She was joined by her co-host sister Sophie and their podcast producer, Christina, as the mum-of-five quickly let the the audience about her latest cosmetic mishap.

Discussing the free bum filler she received last week after agreeing to livestream the procedure on TikTok, she explained that it was 'leaking.'

Katie told the audience, "If you see a plaster on my bum, it's because I had bum filler the other week, and it's leaking, so it is what it is."

An audience member also told The Sun: "There was a visible mark on the side of Katie’s bum underneath her skintight outfit.

"It appeared to have a ripple effect, and it was clear there was some tissue underneath to stop the filler from leaking out of her and onto her clothes.

"It was obvious that she was struggling to move, and she opted to sit down where possible to remain comfortable.”

Katie had livestreamed her having the injection of 500mls of filler into her behind, after receiving the £1,500 procedure for free when an aesthetics company contacted her on social media.

As she went live on TikTok, the TV personality, who admits she is terrified of needles, seemed visibly distressed.

She apologised to viewers, saying: "Sorry, guys, I do overreact sometimes. I didn't want to look, and I looked!"

As the practitioner numbed the area, Katie complained, "It's sore!"

But despite the procedure seemingly going wrong, Katie decided to continue with her two-hour long show, with the live podcast selling out half of the theatre.

Fans of the star were delighted to see her as she took part in a series of Q&A sessions and performed live singing performances.

One theatregoer told The Sun how the star had been in 'high spirits' as she ensured that the crowd was having a 'good time.'

They added that they had loved seeing her 'bring the podcast to life' and that Katie had owned the stage confidently and 'with ease.'

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