A MUM has revealed her 'ice cream theory' and everyone agrees it says a lot about how your Christmas Day will be today.

The mum-of-three took to TikTok to share that the type of ice creams your family eats at home can reveal how you celebrate.

Hannah, from Hannah Home Educates, shared her theory and it quickly went viral with over 600k views.

She said: "I have a theory and I need to test it out, I think that the ice cream that you had in your house as a kid directly correlates to the time you get up on Christmas Day."

The mum explained that she grew up in a Tip-Top and Choc Ice household and always got up early on Christmas day.

She added: "There were no taking turns (with presents), so there was no formal structure to it, it was pure chaos.


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However, if you grew up with 'branded ice creams' like Cornettos and Soleros, then your Christmas Day has a whole different vibe.

"There's turn taking and there's waiting," Hannah explains.

She said people who had Soleros also usually have breakfast first before opening the presents.

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She asked people whether she was on to something with her theory, and it seemed she was.

The video was inundated with comments with many people agreeing with Hannah's theory.

One wrote: "Tip top and choc ice’s growing up here as well and we were up early and utter chaos also!"

Another person commented: "Tiptop/choc ice House, BUT mam and dad HAD to have a Tea in their hands before we could start. After that, Carnage!!"

A third penned: "100%! Solero and cornetto and yup my dad would also drag out his breakfast forever!!"

Meanwhile, a fourth added: "Oh my god no way we were Solero and we take turns opening presents and some last until the next day."

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