A MUM has revealed how she bagged a staggering haul of 16 baked goods for a mere £2.59 by using the Too Good to Go app.

Her baked goodies included sweet treats like jam doughnuts as well as baguettes and a savoury pastry.

Samantha Louise Warren, who lives in Godalming, nabbed the lot with the clever waste saving app, which allows customers to buy discounted food retailers are getting rid of.

Posting on the Facebook group Feed Your Family on a Budget, Samantha shared a snap of her Greggs goodies.

Captioning the photo, she wrote: "I picked up a magic bag today from Greggs and this is what we got! This was on the Too Good to Go app.

"5x jam donuts, 4x yum yum, 1x choc chip cookie, 1x choc éclair, 1x steak bake, 1x corned beef bake, 1x tuna crunch baguette, 1x tandoori chicken baguette and 1x chicken mayo sub! All For £2.59 WOW."

Greggs items are usually affordably priced, but the huge haul of 16 goods would easily have cost Samantha four times what she paid on an ordinary day,

Other Facebook users were wowed by Samantha's impressive haul and have flocked to her post, which has since received over 1,400 likes and hundreds of comments.

How does the Too Good to Go app work?

You can find the app on iOs or Android app store

Find. Collect. Enjoy – it’s as easy as 1 – 2 – 3

1. Find a store and place your order through the app
2. Collect your meal at the store at the specified time
3. Enjoy your meal that little bit more knowing you have just helped reduce food waste

A woman said: "I'm off to Greggs!"

A second person chimed in: "That’s brilliant well done."

A third added: "That’s one of the best ones I’ve seen!"

Meanwhile other people have have previously used the app have sung its praises, saying they too have made major savings thanks to the discounted food available.

One person mused: "We had one before. Very good value and saves food going to waste."

Another wrote: "We got ours today 3 dounuts 1 baguette and 3 pasties."

Too Good to Go is an app that is trying to stop that – and Morrisons has just joined up so now you can get groceries.

The idea is that stores sign up to sell magic boxes of about to go off items for a reduced price.

You pay through the app and get given a slot before closing time to go and pick it up.

The app has been around for a while with people using it to pick up leftover cakes, treats or whole restaurant meals at a reduced price.

But Morrisons is the first supermarket to trial it with the box costing just just £3.09.

It’s currently only available in about 80 but the retailer has hopes to expand it in the future.

There are only a few boxes available every day so you need to be quick. The food is all close to expiry but you can freeze it, or cook something up and keep it for a few days more.

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