A MUM has claimed that “stomach vacuuming” is the secret to getting her super-slim waist, even after having kids. 

TikTok user @summer_fit did a video on the benefits of the bizarre fitness method, and demonstrated how she sucks her stomach in.

She said: “If you don’t know what stomach vacuuming is, it is an old school bodybuilding technique. 

“And I can get into all the many benefits of it, but the one you probably care about is that it is known for making your waist smaller. 

“Especially after having kids, I have found this amazing, my waist is smaller than it’s ever been and I’ve had three kids.”

Summer showed how she does “stomach vacuuming” sitting up, but says she also does it lying down or hunched over.

Summer explained: “Basically the idea is you suck your belly button in and imagine pulling your belly button in as far back as you possibly can.

“Think of it like you want to touch your spine with your belly button.

“Hold for 20 seconds or more.

“Everybody’s body is different, but mine you can see there is a concave shape to my stomach.”

So does it work?

Sun doctor Carol Cooper told Fabulous: "When you start hearing so many things in favour of one particular exercise technique, you should ask yourself if it's just a fad. 

"There seems to be a vogue for so-called stomach vacuuming at the moment, but in fairness it's not all bad. 

"The exercise can help strengthen core muscles. However, on its own it won't produce a six-pack, and it won't help you lose weight."

In response to some people questioning whether stomach vacuuming is healthy, Summer said it can increase core strength and improves posture, pelvic floor and abdominal control.

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