WHEN it comes to gifts, what matters is that it's from the heart.

But there's also no denying that, as women, we sometimes get tired of the same Christmas gifts – you know which ones we're talking about.

For all of those still trying to figure out what to get, Alexandra Cunningham has shared a list of the ''things no woman actually wants for Christmas'' and, hopefully, this makes the next shopping trip a little easier.

The list was started off with personalised blankets.

Although the idea is cute, for some throwing on a cosy blanket covered with photos of their faces is a bit too much.


The cute-but-cringey blankets were followed by what Alexandra called ''infection-inducing bath sets''.

These bath sets, which have filled all stores around the festive period, seem like the perfect gift idea – after all, who doesn't like winding down after a long day and relax in a nice bath?

The problem with most mainstream body care is that it contains harmful chemicals, which not only can dry your skin but also cause unpleasant infections, especially around your intimate parts.

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Similar to chemically scented body washes, body sprays are just as bad of a gift idea, according to the This Family Tree podcast host.

These might make you smell good for the moment, but in the long run will be responsible for a list of issues, including triggering asthma, dermatitis and throat irritation, just to name a few.

And last but not least on the list of ''What No Woman Wants'' is heart shape jewelry.

While it definitely comes from the heart, most women, according to her, are simply not too keen on this style.

The majority of viewers couldn't have been any happier that someone had finally said it, with one writing: ''Thank you!''

'Nothing says I love you like body wash and deodorant. ?''

Someone added that there are more items that are a no-no: ''We need to make this list longer…''

One woman seemed to have found the perfect solution: ''I buy my own gifts for te kids and S to give me.''

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However, there were also those who didn't agree, with one critical viewer commenting: ''Rich women’s problems ? I would just be grateful to get a gift.

''Lol I always get a good laugh from just how ungrateful and spoiled people are.''

Meanwhile, this girlfriend spent hundreds on her man's gifts only to find out her will not get her anything.

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