Meghan Markle BANNED from royal jewellery says expert

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Kate Middleton is often spotted at royal engagements wearing magnificent pieces of jewellery, from Queen Mary’s diamond choker to The Nizam of Hyderabad necklace. But there’s one piece from before her royal days that she is still attached to: a citrine ring.

Kate Middleton wears a stunning blue sapphire on her left hand as her engagement ring from Prince William.

But on her right hand, she has been spotted on numerous occasions sporting a yellow citrine stone.

She donned the colourful stone at Wimbledon in 2018, and more recently at the James Bond, No Time to Die premiere on September 30, 2021.

Jeweller Ingle & Rhode said of the stone: “These yellow gemstones are believed to attract wealth, abundance and prosperity.”

And it certainly has in the case of the Duchess, who has married into a family worth a reported $88billion (£65.6billion), according to Forbes.

Ingle & Rhode continued: “These traits mean the wearer of this gem is one surrounded by love and affection whilst having a keen interest in all things glamorous and expensive.”

While the Duchess enjoys a high street bargain as much as the next person, frequently sporting Zara, Jigsaw and Topshop, she is also fond of a lavish gown.

She has been spotted several times wearing an Alexander McQueen dress worth $10,000 (£7,474), including at the BAFTA Awards in 2017, according to Harper’s Bazaar.

Ben Johnson, managing director at Miltons Diamonds, commented on the citrine ring.

He told “Media reports have suggested that this ring is a new addition to the Duchess of Cambridge’s collection, but there is proof she owned it already, as she was photographed wearing it on a night out with Pippa in 2008.”

Perhaps the Duchess’ ring foretold her royal future before it came to fruition.

Despite being a piece from her pre-royal days, it is unsurprising that Kate still likes to step out wearing her citrine ring, as it’s a stone favoured by the elite.

The citrine certainly isn’t cheap, with Miltons Diamonds’ Ben valuing it at anything between £5,000 and a whopping £20,000.

Ingle & Rhode revealed that this coloured gem is in the engagement rings of the famous, such as Carrie Underwood and Kelly Clarkson.

They stated: “The eye-catching colour is sure to attract attention and praise to whoever wears it.”

Ben continued: “If the Duchess did own this prior to her marriage, perhaps she has rekindled love for her own pieces.

“It could be of sentimental value as a piece of jewellery that is hers alone and not borrowed from the Royal family’s collection.”

Kate is known for her sentimentality, which she expresses through her choice of jewellery.

It is well known that the Duchess’ engagement ring previously belonged to the late Princess Diana, and on her wedding day Kate wore Queen Elizabeth II’s Cartier Halo Tiara.

But her Robinson Pelham pear-cut diamond drop earrings were not from the Royal Collection, but actually a gift from her parents to wear on her wedding day.

As Kate has grown into her role within the Royal Family, perhaps she is reconnecting with her pre-royal roots and combining the two worlds through her style choices.

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