DOES your baby find it hard to sleep without you there?

A mum has shared how she uses a simple rice bag trick to ensure her toddler drifts off when she’s not in the room.

The @cheerfulkangarooformom TikTok account uploaded a video showing the handy hack.

The mum explained: “I used to pat him to sleep every night and now the rice does.”

She showed how she fills a plastic glove full of rice and gently places it on her baby’s tummy.

Her tot can be seen snoozing feeling reassured that mum is protectively there.

The clip has racked up over 300,000 views, and many people praised the idea.

One said: “Genius.”

However, one questioned: “I’m worried about that weight.”

And one parent commented: “Soooo if your baby is super wiggly this won’t work.”

The NHS website provides some help for parents trying to get their baby to sleep.

It says: “At night, you might find it helpful to keep the lights down low, not talk much and keep your voice quiet, put your baby down as soon as they've been fed and changed, not change your baby unless they need it and not play with your baby.”

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