A WOMAN has opened up about the hate she’s received after she decided to never shave off her body hair.

Grace Rivers, who is on TikTok as @gracerivers0, posted a video titled: “things people have said to me as a woman who does not shave.” 

She then went on to list the cruel taunts that she’s faced, including people branding her “disgusting” and “unhygienic.”

However, Grace showed she has learnt to rise above the hate and ignore the small-minded trolls. 

She responded to each of the comments with a quick-witted reply.

The first was when people ask her “Oh my God, when was the last time you shaved?!”

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Grace simply but effectively replied: “Never.”

Next, she hit back at people who claimed “No man is ever gonna want you” by typing: “I’m gay.” 

One of the other common insults she hears is “That’s so disgusting and unhygienic.”

But Grace, yet again, had the perfect response as she said: “Well, then, men are disgusting.” 

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Grace’s followers also came to support her in the comment section and agreed with her analysis.

One said: “What I don’t get about the hygienic thing is men don’t shave and we don’t hear men telling other men they aren’t being hygienic.”

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Another added: “Some people need to just mind their own business and worry about what they do with their own body.” 

While a third commented: “Personally, I shave because it makes ME feeling comfortable in my body. If you don’t wanna do it for YOURSELF, let it be and slay the day.” 

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