June Ambrose Takes Us Behind the Scenes as She Preps For the Puma Show

With trailblazing celebrity stylist June Ambrose as women’s basketball creative director, Puma returned to the New York Fashion Week scene. Aptly titled “Futuregrade,” the brand presented an immersive experience in downtown Manhattan, featuring men’s and women’s collections, as well as special collaborations with Dapper Dan. And Ambrose was hard at work to ensure this outcome, as the creative mind behind it all.

“The good news is, this won’t be a traditional show,” she tells POPSUGAR over Zoom. “If you’re coming into it thinking that you’re gonna watch a traditional runway show or you’re expecting to see a very clear, one-note point of view about this season or the next season, this is not that.” Widely acclaimed for her seminal role in bridging high fashion with hip-hop, Ambrose tapped into her background as the stylist behind some of JAY-Z’s iconic music videos and Missy Elliott’s “The Rain (Supa Dupa Fly)” to put together the show. Fresh off the success of her viral High Court collection, she built on her customers’ growing appetite for stylish pieces, riffing on Puma house codes and reimagining iconic silhouettes like the T7 tracksuits. “This is a celebratory brand moment,” she adds. “We’re having some fun. It’s not just one story; it’s a number of stories that are being told.”

On the eve of the brand’s 75th anniversary in 2023, the creative director chats with POPSUGAR about her creative process, going beyond the typical runway experience, and Puma’s relationship with hip-hop. Ahead, also check out some photos from the show.

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