Denise Welch takes aim at the royal family in August

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Denise Welch, 64, has been slammed by her social media followers for her “ridiculous” statements about coronavirus resurfacing in the wake of the Queen’s death and large crowds gathering to pay their respects to the late monarch. The Loose Women panellist left her 534,900 followers divided over her comparison on Twitter. 

She said: “With the greatest respect to our late Queen.

“Just remember when winter comes & yet again we are blamed for overwhelming the NHS & threatened with restrictions. 

“No ‘mourn from home’ orders have been issued at this time with more people in London than ever before.” 

Unsurprisingly, fans were quick to debate the assertions made by Denise and shared their thoughts in the comments section. 

@CactusGirl87 accused Denise of trying to use the Queen’s death to promote her anti-lockdown argument, as she has frequently slammed restrictions for impacting those with mental health issues.

She replied: “Nothing respectful about trying to promote your ongoing agenda with a ridiculous comparison!”

@Dinky2459 wrote: “No “mourn from home” orders have been issued because we are in a very different place in relation to covid than we were when those orders were in effect, you pleb!” 

@Whirlwind43 responded to the angry fan, saying: “Actually we are at the beginning of the season where respiratory virus infections start. 

“Milliins of oeople are about to downsend on london  tou donthe maths Pleb!”(sic) 

@Sharonfromman wrote: “Denise you have consistently campaigned and complained against restrictions so why bring it up now when there aren’t any ? 

“Crack on and do what ever you want, like the rest of us are.”

@Zobo39 said: “The queen also sat alone at her husbands funeral with no one to comfort her. 

“She was 96 and working 2 days before she died. 

“One day is not a lot to ask for when she did so much for our country. Respect..”

@ClottyGauder agreed with Denise’s point, as she wrote: “I have nothing but love & respect for the Royal Family.

“But also cannot forget how many families were denied/are being denied (?) their final moments together with loved ones at their moment of utmost need.

“How the MSM peddled the fear, It must never happen again.” 

@Swoir 1 responded saying: “What like the Queen sitting on her own at Philips funeral.” 

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