A PLUS-SIZE model is giving advice to men who love to date thick women.

Sefi Oma is a plus-sized model who describes herself as the "Queen of Curves."

She took to TikTok in a daring video to share how a man should properly show love to a plus-sized woman.

"Attention," she announced. "This is a public service announcement to all the men out there."

Oma dazzled in a creme-colored, form-fitting, split pencil skirt with a matching crop-top.

"You can't claim to be in love with a plus-sized woman," she said. "And not love her tummy."

A pair of hands, presumed to be her man, reached out from behind her and grabbed her belly for emphasis.

"You can't be in love with a plus-sized woman and not love her cellulite," she declared.

She turned around to show the camera her back.

"You can't be in love with a plus-sized woman and not love her folds," she added, while her man touched her back.

"You can't be in love with a plus-sized woman and not love her 'Christian mother arms,'" she said raising her arms over her head., although it was not clear why she referred to them as "Christian."

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"Or her stretch marks," she added.

Oma gestured to her whole body for the camera, glowing with confidence.

"This, baby, is the full package," she said confidently.

She provided guidance for men who may date thick women, while secretly being more attracted to skinny women.

"Now, if you are into slim girls, please go for them," she advised. "Allow the men who love meat to go for the plus-size women."

She instructed viewers to respect personal preferences.

"Stop confusing somebody's spec," she asserted. "OK? Period."

The video struck a chord with another account, who re-posted the video with the caption "#PlusSizedAndProud."

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Viewers in the comments also lauded Oma's video declaration.

"It's the folds for me," wrote one commenter. "The package is not complete without the tummy, the cellulite. Full option always."

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