A FURIOUS XL Bully owner has revealed that she is absolutely disgusted at being offered £200 to put down her beloved dog. 

The owner of Adley the XL Bully, slammed the government’s payment offer to put down the breed and says she'll protect her pooch at all costs.

The woman refuses to euthanize her XL American Bully dog and said she’s “ashamed to be British” and thinks people are “disgusting” if they contemplate it – despite the ban coming into force in February. 

It comes as the Government confirmed the breed will be banned in England and Wales from the end of 2023.

Posting on social media, we saw an XL bully owner cuddling her dog, as she explained: “Anyone putting their XL Bullys down for £200, you do not deserve to feel the love this breed has to offer. You are a disgrace.” 

She then said: “In a country where our soldiers are homeless, mothers can't afford baby milk, families freeze to death or they can't feed their children but you think banning this breed will make such a difference.

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"This government is a disgrace."

The woman later added: “Don’t bully my breed, don’t ban my bully, save XL bullys.” 

It comes after hundreds of XL Bully attacks have been recorded in the UK across the past year.

Campaign group, Bully Watch UK, has documented 351 attacks by the dogs in 2023.

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The Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA) announced new laws for the controversial breed on Tuesday,

From February 1, 2024, it will be a criminal offence to own the breed and owners will be able to claim £200 if they “choose not to keep” their pet and let a registered vet euthanize them.

Despite the £200 offering, this XL bully owner shared her thoughts on those that contemplate taking the money in exchange for their pet’s life.

She fumed: “Absolutely devastating how anyone could ever even contemplate it. Disgusting behaviour. 

“Some very sick twisted people out here. I hope every innocent bully stays safe as well as their owners.

“Never in a million years would I put an innocent dog to sleep. 

“I’m ashamed to be British. 

“I will not be afraid, I will protect my dog.

“I will forever have my babies’ back.”

The TikTok clip, which was posted under the username @adleythebul, has clearly left many open-mouthed, as it has quickly amassed 74,900 views. 

Social media users were horrified at the £200 deal and many took to the comments to express this. 

One person said: “I’m so sorry. As a lover and owner of this breed, I stand with you from the USA.”

Another added: “Omfggg I can’t believe this is happening, this is so cruel!!!”

A third commented: “What!!!!!! That can’t be real.”

The woman then responded and wrote: “It most definitely is real unfortunately.”

At the same time, someone else penned: “I have two dogs, no amount of money could make me end their life. They are my FAMILY.”

To this, the dog owner replied: “Exactly that.” 

Whilst another dog owner claimed: “Same mine are going nowhere, I'll go to jail first!”

Meanwhile, not everyone was on the same page – as others shared their opinion on why they thought it could be a good idea.

One user claimed: “No one deserves to have their dog attacked or killed by this breed either sooo.”

In response, the woman replied: “Not just this breed though is it, my dog has never killed, never bit anyone, my dog isn’t a savage. Just because one did, doesn’t mean all have…” 

A second chimed in: “If it means dangerous ones getting put down it’s worth it.” 

But the owner clapped back: “This is what it has boiled down to people have ruined this breed due to lack of education, they won’t train their dog due to pure laziness.” 

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Whilst another nasty troll wrote: “I'd do it for free, horrible breed.” 

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