AN INTERIOR whizz has revealed the five major mistakes that instantly make your home look cheap – and it's bad news if you like the notorious Live, Laugh, Love decor.

When it comes to home interior, nobody wants their guests to leave with a tacky aftertaste, and now one guru has shared which interior faux pas to best avoid – and how to fix them.

According to Garrett LeChic, whose informative videos have amassed him close to 51,000 subscribers on YouTube, there are five design errors that make a home appear tacky.

Anything with words on them

With a never-ending stream of adult responsibilities that often suck out whatever little energy we have, a little inspiration here and there can never be harmful.

But whilst home decor with words, such as the infamous Live, Laugh, Love sign on a piece of wood, can give a much-needed boost of motivation, more often than not they can also look quite tacky.

Instead, he suggested, find artwork and other items that have a sentimental meaning to you.

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Pampas grass

With the bohemian aesthetic taking over the internet a few years ago, there was one home decor more popular than any other – stacks of Pampas grass sitting in a vase.

But for Garrett, the appeal for this living room addition remains a mystery.

''It's crazy to me. Like, why do we have dry grass just hanging out around the house?

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''Seems very odd. And it also, like, is giving me a very dust collecting moment.''

Luckily, he also shared a few alternatives, such as a wicker basket, that will add the same texture in a neutral shade.

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Collections on display

From postcards and coins to miniature figures and vibrant crystals, there are countless things many might have an interest in collecting.

But although the hobby is harmless, it's best to leave the shelves free of clutter.

''You can take some of those collectible objects and, you know, just set them on a table-top. You can use them as a book-end.

''You can use them in lot of interesting ways that say something a little bit different than 'This is my collection. Take a look at it'.''

Photo gallery wall

A gallery fall full of heart-warming family snaps, the whizz said, can go one of two ways.

''It can either be really great, enhance a space, or it can be something that's just a little bit busy feeling, a little cluttered.

Rather than chucking them all onto a wall, put some of them on a table-top with a beautiful frame – doing so means it's also easier to change things up.

Bookshelf with no books

''I see this a lot on social media where design enthusiasts and ''experts'' will teach you how to style a shelf with no books – it will be a shelf full of vases or Pampas grass or whatever.

''It's a bookshelf full of clutter and decor – it's not a bookshelf that's serving any purpose or any use.''

So best get reading, as ''having some books on a bookshelf will fill the space up''.

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''It makes it look interesting. It makes it look like you read.''

If you don't find reading an exciting hobby, Garrett suggested addingsome of your coffee table books instead.

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