AN ELEGANCE expert has revealed that women need to stop eating in front of the TV and dressing like slobs if they want to be classy. 

The expert divulged that even though you may enjoy wearing a tracksuit while eating a pizza on the sofa, it’s not something elegant ladies do. 

TikTok user Antonia Higham shared the five at-home habits you should kick to the curb to be considered a classy woman. 

For her first tip, the elegance expert warned ladies should never eat in front of the TV.

Despite being the prime place to enjoy your food when you can’t get enough of the latest Netflix series’, classy women eat while sitting at a table, according to Antonia. 

Another way to “level up” at home is to stop gulping from bottles.

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That means guzzling orange juice straight from the fridge is a no-go because elegant women pour their drinks into a glass first.

Her third tip – which is the most obvious one – is to not neglect your hygiene even when you don’t plan to leave the house. 

Classy ladies will still brush their teeth and have a wash when spending the day at home.

Antonia also warned against wearing “slobbish clothing” around the house – like tracksuits and pyjamas. 

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Her fifth thing that elegant women don’t do at home was having a cluttered or untidy environment.

According to the self-styled expert, classy ladies have tidy homes and put things away. 

Popular Tik Tok creator Antonia invites her viewers to “level up with her” and shares a range of tips and tricks to become a classy woman.

She has gained almost 200,000 followers from her posts and even provides guides on how to eat certain foods elegantly – including soup and croissants. 

Her video advising these five things that elegant ladies never do at home has already garnered 61,500 views. 

TikTok users took to the comments section to share their thoughts on the tips.

One said: “I did all of the above today and it was marvellous.”

Another joked: “My dining table is conveniently positioned where I can see the TV so it technically cancels out.”

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