A WOMAN has been trolled after revealing her addiction to having a supersized cleavage.

45-year-old Foxy, from America, has one of the biggest chests in the world and people are so shocked by her look, they have to lie to her face. 

Foxy’s story, featured on the TLC YouTube channel, charts her unstoppable addiction to plastic surgery and the struggles she must face thanks to her heavy bust. 

The short clip gives a brief insight into Foxy’s life in Detroit Michigan, as the cameras follow her into a local clothing store. 

“I’m addicted to really, really big boobs,” says Foxy, who calls herself ‘boobs in a china shop’. “I stick out like a fish out of water.”

There’s no denying, her boobs are way bigger than any watermelon or basketball we’ve seen.

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And they’re so heavy they’re stretching the skin on her chest. 

As Foxy browses the racks of clothes, the shop assistants stop and stare, unable to take their eyes off her massive cleavage. 

She calls over an assistant and asks to try a jacket in a small – far too tiny for her bust. 

But the staff member is professional, and gives her what she wants. 

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One stunned customer is totally distracted from her purchase as Foxy navigates her huge cleavage into a fitting room.

“Clothes shopping is the hardest thing on the planet,” says Foxy. “I cannot fit in normal clothes now.” 

But on this occasion, she emerges from the fitting room with a huge smile on her face. 

“Oh my god, it fits,” she exclaims, posing in a bright red skin tight dress. “It totally works, I’m so happy.”

The unconvinced shop assistants exchange awkward glances before chanting: “It looks great…it’s a perfect fit, I’m glad you like it.”

The bodycon dress shows off Foxy’s unusual figure, stretched tightly over her supersized cleavage – which could pop out at any moment – and cinching in her tiny waist. 

Away from Foxy’s earshot, the assistants admit their shock and claim they’ve never seen a cleavage like it in their lives. 

“Yeah I’ve never seen anything like it before,” they said. 

In a later clip, a cameraman is seen attempting to put a microphone on Foxy’s T-shirt.

The poor man drops the mic and it vanishes down Foxy’s cleavage, resulting in a very awkward silence. 

The video has racked up tens of thousands of views, and everyone’s saying the same thing.

One viewer said: “It’s like literally carrying around two beach balls in her arms . ALL DAY LONG. Looks incredibly uncomfortable. Couldn’t be me.” 

A second replied: “No words. Even my sense of humour feels sad for her…all my jokes took one look and shed a tear.”

A third commented: “I love how those 2 girls straight up LIE to her face.”

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And a fourth stated: “She needs a therapist. Not a plastic surgeon.”

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