Scheana Shay unleashed her rage about former best friend Rachel Leviss through her music!

The 38-year-old Vanderpump Rules star dropped a brand new song with The 27s called Apples on Friday. And based on the lyrics from the track, it appears she pulled some inspiration from her friendship breakup with Rachel following the 28-year-old former pageant queen’s months-long affair with Tom Sandoval behind Ariana Madix’s back. That’s right – it’s a diss track all about Scandoval! She begins the song by singing about how a former friend “stabbed” her in the back. Perhaps, alluding to their restraining order drama and lying about the affair? Scheana belts out:

“I was with you on your worst day / You stabbed me in the worst way / How you gonna lie to my face? / And you said that we would always be friends / Party on the weekend / But then you’re gone without a trace; I thought you were grateful / I found out you’re fake, though / I hope there’s a place for friends like you.”

The band then chimes in to sing in the chorus:

“I ain’t gonna write another song about you / That’s karma, that’s karma / And I’m so much better without you / No drama, no drama.”

Scheana goes on to spell out “A-P-P-L-E-S” and asks, “How you like them?” And the lyrics only get more scathing from there! The television personality then seems to call Rachel “a narcissistic psycho,” whom she “cut out like lipo.” Ouch! Scheana added:

“See right through you with my eyes closed / From a Ferrari to a Jetta / Thought that you knew better / Threw it all out the window / I thought you were faithful / I see you a snake, though.”

Damn. Scheana did not hold back! You can ch-ch-check out the entire song (below):

Can we talk about the timing of this new song though?! This came amid Rachel’s explosive first interview about Scandoval, in which she actually downplayed her friendships with Scheana and Ariana. During an appearance on the Just B podcast, she claimed to have “never” seen the cocktail book author when the cameras weren’t rolling:

“Ariana and I were not best friends. We were acquaintances who became friends through the show. She’s always been somebody who’s been very sweet to me. She would stand up for me and encourage me to pursue whatever I was, I don’t know … pursuing. And that was all great — but we never had, like, a deep conversation that I would have with a best friend.”

Considering she made it seem like they were really close on the show and they constantly posted about each other on social media even outside of filming, it’s hard to believe her remarks. As for Scheana? Rachel told host Bethenny Frankel she “was one of my best friends,” but accused her of lying about certain parts of their friendship:

“She offered her apartment to me to stay in while I was figuring out my next moves. After breaking up with James , she kept this apartment in L.A. but wasn’t living in it ’cause she was living down in San Diego, but she started creating this narrative that she was the sister I never had and like a mother to me. And that she gave me a place to live when nobody else would, you know, put me up anywhere. that I didn’t pay rent, which is not true. I did pay rent and I also cat sat for her cat who was pumped with Mercury for treatment. She couldn’t be near the cat because she was breast-feeding her daughter.”

Rachel added:

“And I also did her podcasts, and she said the one podcast that I did with her talking about my breakup with James was the No. 1 most listened to podcast. It’s just unfortunate that she’s trying to create this narrative that I’ve taken advantage of her when I feel like I did contribute in a way.”


After these comments, we cannot help but feel Scheana dropped this song on purpose to respond to Rachel. What a way to clap back and capitalize on the renewed Scandoval hype! What do YOU think about the song, Perezcious readers? Let us know in the comments below.

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