A SUPERMARKET worker has claimed to reveal the reason why customers can sometimes end up with the wrong replacement items.

An Aldi worker in the US showed what happens when a shopper's chosen groceries are out of stock, and the computer suggests an alternative.

A customer had ordered two bottles of watermelon lemonade but the store didn't have the item.

The app bizarrely suggested that a suitable option could be a can of organic lentil soup.

No drinks were listed as a potential replacement.

The worker vented: “Yes lentil soup is totally a valid replacement for lemonade.”

Redditors sarcastically joked that lentil soup and watermelon lemonade are “interchangeable”.

It’s not the first time workers have shared their frustrations with the curbside pickup app.

One worker revealed how embarrassed they feel when having to call out a customer's fake app name in-store.

Employees have slammed the number of items that customers have ordered.

One sarcastically posted an image of a shopper's order and said: “What a great start to the morning.”

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One user replied: "There should be a limit for curbside. No more then 60 units. Lazy f***s."

Another said: "I had a 200 item order the other day, it made me die a little inside."

Shoppers shared their frustrations online after receiving the wrong items on their food order.

One mom was left outraged after her supermarket swapped a bottle of wine for one with a lower alcohol content.


The woman claimed she had gotten used to a glass or two in the evenings to relax.

She was given a bottle of Sauvignon Blanc that had less alcohol in it.

Fellow moms said it was time to crack out the vodka. 

One person said: “NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! I'm sorry OP… do you have a corner shop you're able to run to? Or vodka to top it up with (I have no idea how vile that might be).”

Another wrote: “I'd be annoyed too. Lower alcohol in wine is not on.”

And, shoppers slammed retailers that swapped turkeys with random replacements such as cod in the run-up to Christmas.

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One complained: “What’s the point of your Christmas delivery slots if you’re not going to send the turkey?

“Am I supposed to make Christmas dinner for five people with a 300gr cod fillet?"

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