WITH CHRISTMAS just around the corner, families want to make sure their house is secure from thieves who might try and get to Christmas tree before Santa.

And if you live in a house where you have wheelie bins outside, then they could be a bigger security risk than you first thought.

Most people have wheelie bins, and although you may not have thought twice about parking them up near your house, you better start.

Direct Line reports that the most common days to be burgled during the Christmas period are 5th, 6th, 11th, 17th and 18th December.

Burglaries often peak during the festive season, that's why Fabulous speaks to a home security expert so you know how to keep your Christmas presents safe.

Home security expert, Alison Peckham from My Job Quote, reveals the two risks wheelie bins can pose when not stored correctly.


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The first security risk is that opportunistic thieves are able to use them to get into your home much easier.

The home security expert adds: "Left on the street, wheelie bins can be used to help thieves climb over garden walls and fences.

"And if you leave them in your back garden or yard, they can be used to help thieves access a window.

"Similarly, wheelie bins can help thieves to climb onto flat roofs and reach upper-floor windows."

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Many of us may leave our bins by the wall or on the street, but it's best to move it, especially around Christmas time.


Another big security risk that comes with having a wheelie bin is that it can easily be set on fire.

The home security expert explains: "Wheelie bins pose two security risks for homeowners – fire and theft.

"So, it’s important that they’re stored correctly to keep you safe.

"Leaving your bin in the street or side alley can encourage vandals to set it on fire."

How to keep your house secure

Now you know the risks your wheelie bin can pose, it's time to delve into what you can do to minimise any risks.

One simple way to minimise burglars being able to use your wheelie bin to get in is to leave them somewhere inaccessible to others and only take them out on bin day, says Alison.

She adds: "It’s best to securely lock wheelie bins in storage, away from the vulnerable parts of your home.

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"Even better, keep them locked inside a shed or garage.

"But if this isn’t possible there are bin locks and chains you can buy to keep them tethered in a suitable location. Alternatively, use a regular bike lock to secure your bin to a suitable post."

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