A PAEDIATRICIAN has revealed to parents exactly how often they should be bathing their kids – explaining how it differs according to their age.

Dr Carole Keim says when it comes to newborns, it's important not to wash them too frequently as it could dry out their delicate skin.

Dr Keim posted the helpful advice to TikTok where she regularly shares tips for caring for your little ones.

She said: "As a paediatrician I get asked a lot about how often kids should take baths and it's kind of age dependent.

"For newborns and young babies once or twice a week is plenty. Their skin gets dried out really easily so if you bathe them to often it can actually cause more dryness and peeling.


"But once they get a little bit bigger, like when they're sitting up more around a couple months of age or when they're eating solid foods, you probably want to start bathing them about once a day or just whenever they get dirty or sticky.

"From that age onwards, it's really just any time they get dirty. So most toddlers will get dirty on a daily basis and so you'd want to bathe them once a day.

"For slightly older kids, like early [primary] school age it might not need to be every day anymore.

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"And then when they become teenagers or even pre-teens and they start to sweat and they start to have more body odour then they might need to start bathing daily again."

She captioned the video with the message: "How often to bathe babies and children.

"You can wash them in the shower instead if you prefer!"

The popular TikTok has been liked more than 10k times and people were quick to comment on the recommendations.

One person said: "I definitely bathe my toddler when he starts get sticky & smelly. Not a chance I’m doing that process every night!"

Another said: "Okay but my elementary kids STANK when they come home from school!"

A third said: "We bath every day from day one. No one gets in bed without a bath."

While another confessed: "Lol oops. I'm still once a week unless they get super dirty."

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