A MUM has told how she was accused of kidnap after she mistakenly picked up the wrong child from nursery.

Taking to TikTok Brianna shared her hilariously awkward story in a video that has since received over 625,000 views.

Captioning the video, she wrote, “Spoiler alert! That time I very much by accident kidnapped a kid and thought I was going to prison."

In the clip Brianna explained that she had gone to pick up a friend’s child, whom she had never met before, from nursery to babysit until they finished at work.

She gave them her name and the child's name and a member of staff returned with a child, with Brianna confirming his name once more.

"Drives 20 minutes to their house," she explains, "starts prepping a snack for kid, older sibling comes out of their room.

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"Older kid says, 'That's not my little sibling…'.

"Checks phone to find text from mom that says, ‘YOU PICKED UP THE WRONG KID.’


Brianna goes on to explain that she returns the child who, it turns out has the same name but was in a different room.

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Brianna is then questioned by police and several members of staff from the nursery are fired before she gives a testimony to the CPS.

Understandably, viewers were quick to question how this could happen.

"That is 100 percent on the daycare!" commented one person. "I have so many questions!"

Another added, "I wanna know why the kid just went along with it and didn't question it – even going into the wrong house."

"This is a masterpiece," chimed in a third.

Brianna later added that when she appeared to collect the child from the wrong room, the kid actually ran up to her and called her "Mum". 

Brianna confirmed she was actually asked to babysit the same kids again, and she later heard that the 'kidnapped' child had a parent who is a lawyer.

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