THIS mom has shared unique ways to make life easier and save time in the kitchen using everyday household appliances.

Gigi who goes by @altruality on TikTok gave away five tips to use around your house.

If you hate when people leave water rings on your coffee table, try using the lids of soda cups as coasters.

The ring in the middle of the lid is the same size as the bottom of the cup.

The lid's lips will also catch any condensation that drips off the cup.

There never seems to be a place for the stirring spoon when making dinner.

Dinner prep can get messy and chaotic, but this mom shared a hack that will help keep things clean.

The hole in the handle of your pan can actually hold your stirring spoon, so try it out next time you are making a dish.

Another hack for kitchen utensils is hidden in your pasta spoon.

Some spoons have a hole in the middle, that's the perfect size to measure out one serving of pasta before cooking the noodles.

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Did you know you can change which side your fridge door opens on?

The round caps on the top and bottom of the door on the handle side cover the holes that fit the door into either side.

The last hack is for your car. You will need to detach the headrests on the seats of your car for this one.

Once the headrest is free, slip one of the legs down in between the door and the glass window.

The glass will easily shatter if you move it against the door and glass pane.

If you want more kitchen hacks, the U.S. Sun shared four cooking tips from an expert that will change the way you make dinner.

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