A MODEL has revealed the tricks brands pull to make their clothes look better on models – including double-stuffing bras and pinning outfits in place.

British model Madeleine White has worked with brands like Victoria Secret, Prada and Dolce and Gabbana.

The 27-year-old took to Tik Tok to reveal the stunts she has experienced fashion brands pull to make their products look better on her.

She assured: "Fashion brands have been tricking you into buying things forever."

First posing in a scoop neck black dress, Madeleine emphasised with people who buy dresses online and can't figure out why it looks so much better on the model.

She revealed that this is because brands pin dresses in place on models.

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This was demonstrated in the video through a claw hair clip gripping the dress together at the back so it cinched in her waist.

When filming a cat walk video, Madeleine divulged that brands will pin the dress at the front for a good shot of it from the back.

Next, she put to bed the idea that brands "can't fake lingerie" to make it look better than it does in real life.

The model, who lives in LA, explained: "At my very first casting for Victoria's Secret, they didn't even take a picture of me until they'd stuffed the bra… twice."

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Stuffing her bra to recreate the brand trick, she laughed: "Why am I telling you this?"

On another photo shoot, the brand added five sets of hair extensions to her head to make her locks look fuller.

She said: "These extensions had security they were worth so much money.

"But at the end of the day, they just ripped them out."

The hair was even dyed meticulously to match Madeleine's natural colour so that shoppers wouldn't suspect a thing.

People praised Madeleine’s efforts to set the record straight and inform women about the way their favourite brands might be tricking them.

One said: “Thank you so much for sharing this!

"It’s amazing how easily they trick us but thank you because I needed to hear this."

Another beamed: "Thank you for being so real."

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