A WOMAN has told how hitting the gym the day after dying her hair pink was a huge mistake.

Hellen took to TikTok and posted a video where she explains: "When I walked out of a workout class the day after getting my hair done and the front desk lady screamed 'oh my god.'"

She then goes on to share a selfie revealing what she looked like after the sweaty workout.

Much to her horror, she looked in the mirror to find streams of pink dye running all down her face and chest.

"I'm screaming!" she says.

"I did an entire workout like this."


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Hellen captioned the post: "Never going back!"

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The video has since garnered a whopping 1 million views and been inundated with comments online.

"The fact that no one in your class told you is a CRIME," noted one.

A second penned: "As a bright pink haired gym girl I feel this so hard!"

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A third quipped: "No no it's giving you a pink glow and people pay for that babe."

Elsewhere, others who also dye their hair recalled their own horror stories.

"I had long purple hair was front row at a concert…I look over and the girl next to me wearing white was COVERED in my dye," explained one.

A second commented: "I was sweating profuesly with RED hair after an exam and when I walked out the room people asked me, 'was it that bad?'"

Another told: "I dyed half of my hair black, WORKED at my gym – my bands stuck to my forehead and I had black looking vein marks."

A further added: "I'm a paramedic.

"My hair was freshly dyed red.

"It was a hot summer day and red streams just started running down my face while working over a patient."

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