A HOME expert has revealed how to make your bed look hotel-perfect in seconds. 

TikTok user Mariana, who posts under @casitaideas, shared how all you need is a spray bottle full of water.

The savvy woman uploaded a video showing how she makes her crumpled bed look perfect in seconds, and it has racked up over 23,000 likes.

She wrote: “Spray tap water on your bed to remove wrinkles.”

Once you have done this, simply tuck in the corners under the mattress so it looks like it could be part of a five-star accommodation.

And it wasn’t the only home hack she offered up to followers. 

She also shared how to make a sink “cleaning bomb” using everyday household products.

Simply mix baking soda, water, lemon essential oil and lemon zest, and then add the mixture to a large ice cube tray. 

When you are ready to use, place one in your sink drain and add boiling water.

Many people were highly impressed with her tips, with one saying: “More please.”

Another added: “Instant follow.”

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