YOU probably think you already know how to wash your hair – after all you've been doing it for years.

But one haircare whizz revealed the cheap hack she discovered to take your hair washing to the next level.

Sharing the trick on her TikTok account, the beauty lover revealed the key to lush hair is adding coffee grounds to your shampoo.

She explained: "The rough grains will help exfoliate your scalp.

"[It also] restores hair growth and makes hair softer and shinier."

Anne, from Amsterdam, showed herself adding her normal shampoo to about a teaspoon's worth of coffee granules and mixing them together in her hands.

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She then used the mixture as normal, making sure to scrub her roots for a deep clean.

If you don't already have coffee granules in your kitchen cupboard you can pick some up for as little as £1.40, but since you only need a tiny amount for each wash the hack works out at less than 10p per use.

Viewers of the clip were amazing by the bargain trick, one said: "I tried this and now my hair is super soft!"

Another said: "I'm going to try this one!"

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A third said: "My mum used to do this to me when I was a child."

Just make sure you give your hair a good rinse afterwards to ensure all the coffee grounds are out!

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