A STUDENT teacher has been left confused and embarrassed after being told her dress was “inappropriate” for work.

Alison Mutarelli, 21, from Delaware took to TikTok to share her experiences of being disciplined for her dress choice and pleaded for advice on what to wear.  

In the clip, she says she believed the dress code to be “pretty chilled” but was stunned to find the school principal warning her “to dress for the job you want”.  

Showing the dress in question to her followers, Mutarelli said: “now, I’m extremely embarrassed, and I don’t know what to wear for student teaching anymore.”

The 21-year-old explains how she felt ashamed to be singled out, particularly when she had seen “other teachers wearing dresses just like I’ve been wearing".

Now stressing, the teacher tries on her other usual outfit choices and questions whether they are work appropriate.

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Turning to online users for help, she questions whether a longer white dress is better, but now fears it is “too tight”.

Another “super cute” floaty dress is tried on, but she says she will no longer wear it. “I really didn’t think it was an issue, but now I am so scared.”

Muturelli then re-evaluates a favourite trouser and sweater-vest combination, saying: “I thought it was ok, but now I am nervous because technically it is cropped but it’s also covered, ah I don’t know”.

“If anyone has any suggestions please let me know, I am so stressed,” she asks the TikTok community.

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Fellow teachers have rushed to her aid to share tips on how to better dress for school, including avoiding “low cut tops” and wearing dresses that “reach the knee”.

Another user commented: “I HATE teacher dress codes, but my rule of thumb in the morning is “do I look like one of the HS students” and if yes, I change.”

Others supported the teacher's outfit, and instead criticised the school for their strict dress code, saying “not a school you want to work for.”

“This comment section has revealed one thing to me and that is that I should NOT be a teacher bc I thought they were ALL conservative & good options," said another.

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