BRINGING a dog into a new home is a big commitment to make, so you want to make sure you pick a breed that's a good match for your lifestyle.

But according to professional dog behaviourist Will Atherton, there are some breeds you should steer clear of if you're always on the go.

The pro took to YouTube to explain why some breeds might be a bad match for busy owners.

Border Collie's are thought by some people to be an easy dog to have because they're intelligent and quick to learn new skills. But some owners don't realise how much time and attention they require to get to that point.

Will warned: "They will quickly ruin your life.

"They can make for great family companions, so long as they get a lot — a lot! — of physical and mental exercise."


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German Shepherds are also a bad idea for very busy people for the same reason.

Although they're known to be extremely loyal and great workers, if they don't get the attention they need it could all go down hill, and fast.

The expert went on: "Originating as herding dogs tasked with day-long duties, they possess substantial energy levels, necessitating ample physical activity and mental stimulation.

"A lack thereof can lead to undesirable behaviours like excessive barking and destructive chewing."

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Will added Belgian Malinois to his list of breed to avoid if you're a busy person as they aren't the sort of breed you can take for a quick walk around the block after work – they need rigorous exercise two or three times a day.

He explained: "[They have] ludicrously high levels of potential, but you need to be willing to put the time in to get them there."

Finally, working line Labradors are very different to show line breeds.

Will said: "If you lead a busy lifestyle go for a lower energy show line Labrador, rather than high drive working lines."

After sharing his advice on social media many agreed with Will.

One commented: "Having had all four breeds I agree, they're like Velcro and they will destroy your house if you don't have time for them."

"I’ve had a Border Collie and I totally agree. You have to give your dog at least two-three hours a day of training, exercise and love to have a 'normal' dog.

"Anything less and you have a four legged crack addict," another agreed.

And someone else said: "Yes! so many people go for the look of a dog rather than what the breed is like, never ends well."

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