FROM caterpillar brows to swollen lips, we've all seen our fair share of semi-permanent makeup fails.

But no one more so than UK-based Liarna Jessica Yearwood, 37, whose job is to fix such disasters.

Speaking exclusively to Fabulous, the professional, who has been a cosmetic tattoo artist for seven years, recalled one particularly memorable patient named Grace, who was etched in her mind for all of the wrong reasons.

She explained how Grace had paid £50 to get freckles tattooed on her face by a newly qualified permanent makeup artist.

"She was one of the most shocking cases I have ever seen because the tattooed freckles were so dark and unnatural," explained Liarna, who shared her work on her Instagram page.


"The artist had approached Grace to have the treatment done as a model and had showed her pictures of freckles on other people. She told her that it would look the same."

"But Grace now believes that the images she was shown was not her own work.

"She was distraught when she looked in the mirror for the first time after the treatment and said she felt disheartened and ugly."

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"She had to wear camouflage makeup all of the time and was so grateful that we had to wear masks because she could cover the horrific marks that were supposed to look like natural freckles."

Liarna went on to explain how Grace was so distraught that she didn't go on to have the top up treatment and instead, asked if they would fade.

"She was advised to just let them fade or to go on the sunbeds to help fade them,' the expert explained.

And unfortunately, Grace is not alone.

"Probably the very worst case I have seen was a lady with four tattooed eyebrows, two blue and two pink with a white outline," noted Liarna.

"We also see about 3/4 black thick 'felt tip pen like' eyebrows walk through our doors each week."

'They were shocking initially, but I have removed so many brows like this, that nothing really shocks me now."

We see about 3/4 black thick 'felt tip pen like' eyebrows walk through our doors each week

Liarna went on to explain how a bad cosmetic job can really damage a persons self-esteem.

"I had one lady who called in several times crying on the phone," she explained. "She had them done the same day she called in and she said she just could not stop crying.

"She hated them and could not look in the mirror. We had to see her at 8pm that evening to remove them as an urgent case.

"The earlier the client comes, the more successful the removal will be on the first session. If the pigment is older, it takes more sessions (on average 3 sessions)."

Speaking of another patient, she added: "Another woman was left so traumatised, she will never have microblading again now. She said she just wanted the lines gone."

Liarna went on to explain how the removal process works.

"Our non-laser removal is a great alternative to laser tattoo removal,  because it targets all colours in the pigments, unlike most lasers," she said.

"They mainly target blues and blacks. It does not have a risk of scarring on the face either – and it is a lot less painful because we pre-numb the area with topical anesthetic before we start. 

"Laser tattoo removal takes up to 8-12 sessions, whereas our non laser removal takes on average up to 3 sessions, so its a lot quicker.

"We use a cosmetic tattooing device to implant our removal solution into the skin.

Probably the very worst case I have seen was a lady with four tattooed eyebrows, two blue and two pink with a white outline

The solution works by attractive the earth metals in the pigments powders and drawing them out of the skin a bit like a magnet."

As for anyone looking to have cosmetic tattooing in the future, Liarna offered the following advice.

"Do you research on your chosen artist. Look at their qualifications, reviews and before and after pictures," she explained.

"Don't make the cost of the treatment the most important thing that you consider when choosing an artist. If the price is too low, that is usually an indication that they are cutting corners somewhere."

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