Cindy Crawford has a stalker who flew thousands of miles to see her about a phantom child he says they share together … so say cops who arrested the guy.

It’s a crazy story … a man from the UK flew to Cali and ended up on Cindy’s doorstep Sunday … to talk to her about “the kid” he said they had together.

We’re told that he made his way onto the property and started banging on the door and windows … all to get Cindy’s attention.

Cindy was not home at the time … instead, the man was greeted by cops — who had been called there by security.

He tried explaining the purpose of his mission to cops, but it fell on deaf ears. The man was arrested and booked for felony stalking.

It’s unclear if there’s any history here … whether the guy had tried contacting Cindy before, but his claims are pretty clearly bogus.

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