THIS buckle bunny has men so stunned by her cowgirl outfit that they asked her for a dance.

While country life may seem rough around the edges, it's even tougher for cowgirls who want to dress up.

A common insult that these women get is being called a buckle bunny.

Buckle bunnies are girls who follow rodeo cowboys around, usually with the assumption that they want to sleep with them.

However, one cowgirl embraced the name when she showed off her bedazzled getup on TikTok.

The woman was wearing a black bodysuit covered in rhinestones, faux leather black shorts, knee-high black cowgirl boots with sparkles, and a black cowgirl hat.

She put words on the screen of the video posted by Thomas Runway Boutique that read: "POV: your a buckle bunny bc you dress cute."

Men in the comment section admired the cowgirl's outfit calling her "stunning" and "gorgeous."

"Omg let's dance," one cowboy offered.

Another said: "Shoot if you're a buckle bunny or not I'll take ya to dinner."

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A third country boy wanted to skip the date and asked the cowgirl to "marry me."

While this country girl might make a joke out of being called a buckle bunny, another TikToker slammed trolls who used the insult.

Georgia Vanzant is an all-American cowgirl who posts about western fashion on the platform.

She made a video that's a part of a TikTok trend where people expose hateful comments they receive and then share the actual meaning behind the baseless claims.

Vanzant wrote one of the insults that she gets in the video. It read: "bucklebunny."

She then lip-synched the words: "speak up."

The second insult then popped up on the screen. It read: "bet you've never even been on a farm."

Again, Vanzant mouthed: "speak up."

A third insult came: "real cowgirls don't dress like that."

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After Vanzant lip-synched "speak up" in response to the third insult, she wrote a statement that she claims is the truth behind these hateful remarks.

The words on the screen read: "I just can't find anything else abt you to make fun of so i'm just gonna call you a buckle bunny."

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