A MUM has revealed that when she was a mum at 16, her son had to sleep in a cardboard box as she couldn't afford a crib.

TikToker Brooke Ashley Hall has built a fanbase of almost 7million followers on the video streaming platform, with her uploads having received more than 184 million likes in total.

In a recent clip, she revealed the struggles she faced as a teen mum and how she overcame them.

"16-year-old me with a baby who had to sleep in a cardboard box with pillows bc [sic] I couldn't afford a crib," she said while looking heartbroken.

Now thanks to Brooke's successful social media career, she is able to afford an expansive home for her children to grow up in.

She added: "28-year-old me finally able to give each of my children their own room."

Things haven't always been easy for Brooke, as she revealed in one video that she got pregnant at 15 and thought her "life was over".

She went on to say that she "never thought a man would love me and accept me and my flaws".

"But at 21 years old I got married to the love of my life you all know and love," Brooke said.

"Now I finally have my beautifully blended dream family, we beat the odds. It was hard but we made it."

Brooke is married to boxer Marco Hall, who is the stepfather to Braylon, Brooke's son from a previous relationship.

Their first son together is Mar'Cannon and they welcomed another son, Caedon, in January of this year. Brooke and Marco run the YouTube channel The Beverly Halls. 

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