A TRAVELLER has revealed how she was bullied at work for being a traveller and has even has her rib broken, as she opened up about the discrimination she faces.

TikTok star Danielle Jo Lee recently explained how she's followed by security guards whenever she goes shopping.

And now Danielle, who comes from a Romany background, has opened up about one particularly bad incident at a previous job.

"I was bullied by my co-workers because of my background and being a gypsy," she told Daily Star.

"One of my colleagues attacked me, broke my bottom left rib and cut my eye, cheek and lip open. Just because she didn’t like me. I was fired and so was she."

She also denied traveller women have to stay home and clean all day, although she admitted "a lot don't work" in a recent TikTok video.

Danielle said: "That saying we stay at home all day is just stereotypical. I’ve worked since a young age looking after my mother.

"My mother brought up five girls on her own and it was tough. She had to put up with the stress of us moving all the time.

"We never fit in wherever we went, no matter how hard we tried."

In a recent TikTok video, Danielle revealed she's worked since she was "11 or 12" years old and said it's good for her mental health.

She added: "I don't think the pressure should be put on the man to go out and work – and worry about putting food on the table.

"I think everything should be 50/50. I wouldn't want to leave all the stress on the man."

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