CHRISTMAS decorations can cost an absolute fortune, and are just another expense in an already pricey month.

But one clever mum came up with a money-saving way to make a gorgeous Christmas sleigh decoration for her home – and it cost her just £7.

Nikki Turner, 51, a single parent of four from Essex, decided to save money and make her own Christmas sleigh rather than buying a new one, which can cost up to £300 online.

She sourced budget materials from charity shops and B&M to keep the costs down.

Nikki told “I came up with the idea as I recently made balloon mosaics out of the foam boards for my son's birthday and I had some left over.

“I kept seeing pictures of the wooden sleighs so thought I'd try to recreate one.”

For those that want to create their own DIY sleigh, here is how Nikki did it.

She explained: “First I drew the outline on the boards freehand and then used a craft knife to cut it out.

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“Then I traced round that to get the other side.

"I used a glue gun to fix the seat and back to the sides then painted it with some grey emulsion I already had.

“One tip for this is to paint a very light coat as if you use too much paint it makes the board go soggy and wrinkled, so after each light coat, let it dry fully before applying the next coat.

"I also already had the fur too, so I just cut it to shape and used a glue gun again to stick it down.


“Next, I got two metres of tinsel from my local B&M costing £3.

“I glued around the outline of the bow I made by hand.

“The ribbon was from a Christmas shop and the bells I found in a charity shop for 50p each.

“I just attached the ribbon and glued the whole bow onto the side.

“Finally I had to decorate the base but I didn't have any glitter and I didn't want to wait.

“I hunted around and found a pot of crushed glass under my sink and thought it'd be perfect.

“I again used a glue gun and poured glass on a small section at a time, leaving it until it was dry.

“Then I attached it to the sides.

“In total, it cost me £7 for the tinsel, ribbon and bells.

“I also made the stickers with a Cricut machine I have, and I already had the vinyl at home.”

Nikki was extremely pleased with her creation and said: “I really enjoyed making this.

“I've tried a few things but definitely loved this the most.

“I’m so proud that it turned out so well and I really surprised myself too at what I can do.

“My advice to people would be to just give things a go as you don't know until you try.

“I've suffered with my mental health and this has given me something to focus on for me.

“It’s also given me the confidence to maybe make it to sell next year thanks to all the amazing comments since sharing it on social media.

“I already have a couple of orders from friends!

"I do love a bargain so I’m really happy I made this for practically nothing.”

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