WITH Louis Vuitton clothing, monthly gift baskets and 30 holidays a year, On Mekahel’s dogs have lives many humans could only dream of. 

The Los Angeles-based actor, 29, estimates he spends up to $40,000 (£33,000) a year on his pampered pooches, Shih Tzu Gisele, six, and Toy Maltese Candice, five.

Their luxurious lifestyles see them bounce between LA, London, New York and Israel – where On was born – costing him hundreds of dollars.

Not only that, the dogs have “a massive pile of toys” from monthly subscriptions, designer gear and homemade gourmet meals. 

TV star On told The Sun: “My dogs are better travelled than most people and are the most important thing in my life, more than my husband at times.

“It’s stressful and a lot of money but honestly, I wouldn’t do it any other way. I think animals are better than humans and should be treated the same. 


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“These dogs are here with me 24 hours a day, they support me and love me so I give back in the only way that I can.” 

'Picky eaters'

On insists he couldn’t travel without his dogs because they suffer separation anxiety and at times, have refused to eat without him. 

Each day they are treated to handmade food made from boiled chicken pieces, broccoli, carrots and sweet potatoes.

On said: “They are very picky, if their food isn’t cooked the right way they won’t eat it and will go without food for days, which is why I get stressed about leaving them.

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Mekahel says his pets are barely noticed on flights because they are so well behavedCredit: Instagram / iamonmekahel
The pampered pooches staring out of a hotel windowCredit: Instagram / iamonmekahel

“Trying to get them to eat feels like a game every night but I did it to myself. They can tell if their meal hasn’t been prepared in the right way.”

Preparing for flights is no easy task. On takes the dogs to a groomer the day before boarding to avoid them “smelling” and often they go undetected by fellow passengers.

The animals are placed in a bag between his legs and often, it’s only at the end of the flight that they are spotted.

“Most times people don’t even know they are there, they never smell and despite babies crying throughout flights they never bark at all,” On said.

“They are better flyers than my husband, he sits and cries the whole way, while my dogs don’t make a sound even when they are travelling for up to 14 hours. 

“The only problem I’ve had is with people who are allergic to dogs, it’s a whole issue but we find ways around it by changing seats.”

'Stole stranger's wagyu steak'

While the pets behave on flights, the same isn’t always the case when they are exploring a new country – including one bad experience in a fancy restaurant. 

On said: “Candice is only two pounds, she’s tiny, and I was scared to leave her in my hotel room, in Paris, so I took her to dinner with me.

“At some point, she woke up and jumped out of my lap. She leaped on to the table next to me and grabbed a diner’s wagyu steak.

“It was pretty embarrassing, the restaurant staff told me I had to leave but thank god the person found it funny. I ended up eating McDonald’s instead.”

Finding accommodation can be a little trickier and On admits he has smuggled his dogs into hotel rooms when he was not allowed.

He said: “I try to find dog-friendly hotels but it’s not always easy to do that so you sneak them in and nobody knows.

“It can be stressful though when that happens because you always worry they are going to bark and kicked out of the hotel.”

The dogs are also showered with gifts including Burberry, Chanel and Louis Vuitton bows as well as designer food bowls and monthly toy selections. 

Despite costing a fortune, On insists it’s worth it because “they get so excited” whenever they receive something new. 

“They get gift and treat boxes every month and now have a giant pile of toys, you won’t believe how many there are,” he said.

“Whenever a box arrives they are so excited, I don’t know how they understand what it is but it’s very funny and sweet to watch.”

On, who has 2.2 million Instagram followers, isn’t planning to curb his spending on Gisele and Candice any time soon.

Despite getting a few mean comments from strangers, he doesn’t care what people think nor about those who say it’s wasteful.

He said: “I think it’s important to live life the way you want to, you can’t let the haters stop you from doing what makes you happy and my babies are everything to me.”

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