Skims clothing has become renowned for flattering different body types, but this isn't always the case.

A YouTuber shared her Skims swim haul, including an item that fit so horribly she couldn't understand who it was made for.

YouTuber Mar modeled her Skims swimwear haul for her followers, but one item wasn't a hit.

The her first look, Mar tried on the black sleeveless one-piece, available on the Skims website for $92.

"For this black full body moment, I would probably give it a 10/10. I mean it’s so comfortable. There could be a little more coverage back here, but the material is so good," she told her viewers.

The influencer then tried on $42 mid waist black swim shorts with the swimsuit, but wasn't too impressed with the overall look.

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Mar said: "Oh my gosh, the shorts were so disappointing. I thought these were going to be the best thing ever. They’re honestly not that flattering. They’re just kind of okay, I would give them maybe a 7/10."

And for her final item, Mar showed her followers the $92 swim tank monokini, which she purchased in a dark gray.

Modeling the look, she said: "I thought this was on backwards because what in the sausage is this? It’s very strange. It’s small on my boobs, big on my waist, and awkward on my bottom area."

"Absolutely horrible. I am extremely confused by the fit of this. I don’t get why [the waist] are so big. Or why [the chest area] is so small," Mar continued.

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The YouTuber said she didn't understand the body type the one-piece was designed for, and gave it a rating of -20/10.

Mar's subscribers took to the comments section to share their thoughts on the haul.

"Maybe it’s like a stretchy material so you have to like buy a size down on the [second] suit but it probably would have said it on the website, so I don’t know," one user wrote.

Another viewer said: "I would return it. They sell the cheapest stuff for such high prices."

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