A MUM who makes her sons do 12,000 steps per day in order to earn video game time at the weekend has defended her parenting method.

The woman took to TikTok to share a clip of her son on the treadmill, trying to get to his daily step count.

"12,000 steps per day to earn video game play time on the weekend," she wrote on top of the video.

She quickly attracted comments from other parents criticising her for the move.

"Ok go walk with him around a park then. not this," one person wrote, while another added: "Things he will talk about in therapy."

However, the mum hit back to that comment, writing: "Like how he asked me to get on after I just finished.

"I don’t force him on the treadmill, but yes, if he wants to play video games he has to be active."

She also added a comment of her own to calm down the trolls.

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"For everyone freaking out, he doesn’t run on the treadmill everyday," she wrote.

"My kids can get their steps anyway they want. They also don’t have to get them if they don’t care to play their video games.

"They can make choices. My son came in after I finished running and asked if he could hop on."

And others praised her for using such an inventive method of getting her kids to be active.

"As an elementary pe teacher you have no idea how many kids are so unhealthy… kudos to this parent!" one person wrote.

"So the parents who are criticising this are the parents who let tv and video games babysit their kids for them," someone else added.

And a third wrote: "The comment section did not pass the vibe check. this will not hurt kids. he is EARNING his video games.

"we mowed lawns and babysat. same thing. jeeze."

Another person commented: "Let’s draw attention to the fact he is doing this of free choice also he doesn’t have to be on the treadmill he has found efficiently (gets his steps)."

"Yessss!!" the mum replied. "I’m not forcing him. He literally asked to get on!"

And when someone else said "how smart" it was that she was including a step count as a way of earning video game privileges, she replied: "Such a big change in their moods when they get moving."

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