A TIKTOK influencer and singer/songwriter, helps to track down her followers' unfaithful boyfriends and takes revenge after they DM her for help.

Law, a New Jersey-based TikTok star, who also describes herself as the ‘Cheat Detective’ on her Twitter profile strategically catches men in a trap for followers who suspected their boyfriends are cheating on them.

Recently Law took her detective skills to a new level.

She began detailing how one of her followers had DM’d her, who was determined and knew that her boyfriend had a Tinder profile but that she had no way of getting the proof, or evidence she needed to back up her hunch.

“I made a Tinder account, switched my location and I swipe swipe swipe until I matched with him.” Law says.

“But but but… That was not enough for me.” She says.

“I was not satisfied, so I messaged him and was like ‘hey you wanna meet up tonight? Sneaky link, like send the addy (address).”

Law decided to have a little fun and help out her follower in need and get some serving up some sweet revenge on her behalf.

She explains: “He sent the address and at this very moment he thinks that I am on the way to his house, looking like a snack.

“But in reality, I ordered 500 Domino’s pizzas to his house! Have fun with that bill, sir. Have fun with that bill.” She smirks.

Law likes being creative with her revenge, she showed her followers that she once ordered 100 Madagascan cockroaches to a follower's ex-boyfriend's house.

That will make your skin crawl.

But this isn't the first time the self-confessed 'cheat detective' has been helping out her followers out their love rat partners.

She explained in one video that a married woman had got in contact because she had a suspicion he wasn't being faithful.

Law then takes out a box of eggs and says she won't reveal what she's going to do, but that if her followers are interested then maybe she'd reveal the result.

The influencer is holding cheating men to account, even when her followers don't have the courage to do the same.

Her TikTok page is littered with tales and tips of how she expertly tracks down love rats.

In the description, Law hash-tagged multiple tags including #catchingcheaters, #cheatersgettingcaught and #relationshipadvice101.

The pizza revenge video has amassed over 230,800 views and over 40,000 likes in just under 24 hours.

Law finishes the video by saying that she hopes the mystery man tips the delivery driver very well.

So if you're ever in need of back up – Law will be on your side.

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