IF you've got a fuller chest, you may be familiar with wardrobe malfunctions – with everything from buttons popping off of tops to spilling out of low-cut shirts in the mix.

Luckily, busty content creator Dominique Baker has shared the go-to items that she keeps in her purse for fashion emergencies.

On social media, Baker often posts content that helps women find styles that are best suited for their bodies – namely those who were blessed in the chest department.

In an exclusive chat with The U.S. Sun, the fashionista revealed two major items she always keeps on hand.

They're the perfect go-to for clothing malfunctions that can happen when you have a larger chest.

"Bobby pins work in a pinch," she said. "But I always keep a little sewing kit with safety pins in it. Because if you [wear a] wrap top and [it's] just a little too low, you can pin it."

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"And in a pinch, you can use a bobby pin as well and sort of MacGyver it so that it stays in place."

Baker said this especially works for when she wears a drapey v-neck, or on the rare occasions that she wears something really low plunging.

The fashion guru touched on another key item she keeps in her purse.

She said: "I use booby tape. You can get it on Revolve or the Booby Tape website. I will cut a few strips and put them in my purse just in case they come loose.

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"They rarely do, but [in case] they like [unstick] or anything like that."

She continued: "But basically, safety pins are what I carry around because I have had tops pop [and] dresses break. And [they're] just a quick fix until you can get home or get amended."

Baker shared a firsthand experience in which safety pins saved the day.

"I went to New York fashion week a few years ago before the pandemic, and I wore this beautiful dark cream dress with black velvet polka dots all over.

"And it had a tie that also worked as a bra – and that split mid-show.

"And like, it was just boobs everywhere. And I ran to the bathroom and I managed to pin it with my safety pins and that saved the day."

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