NIPPLE pasties are amazing when they do what they promise to do, but they’re horrible when they can’t deliver.

Jen Warnes reviews different products and clothing for her larger chest and has found an issue with a pair of lifting pasties.

“Will these Nippies lift things work to hold up my larger chest and will they stay in place all day? That is the real question,” Jen asked in a recent TikTok video.

She wears a size 28i bra cup and said she typically wears regular round adhesive pasties to cover when necessary. But she wanted to try something that would also lift her chest.

“I was intrigued by these because they cover and then I guess this part lifts,” Jen said, showing off a pair of pasties with an extra flap on the top.

She appeared to be trying the B-Six Nippies Skin Lifts Petals with “support tabs.” They can be purchased in multiple sizes from Bloomingdales for $33.

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Jen put the pasties on under a dress with a plunging neckline. She readjusted them to lift her chest higher and stick the pasties firmly to her skin.

“I think it has made a difference if we compare it to the before,” she said. The product made her chest look lifted with a push-up bra effect and made her waist appear tinier.

“I wanna give them a test run before I actually commit to wearing them properly,” she confirmed.

Jen made a follow-up results video for her eager followers.

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“I drew an eyeliner mark at the top where I first stuck it down so I could really see how much it was moving,” Jen explained.

She showed herself marking her skin with a black eyeliner pencil at the top of the pasties at 10:30am.

The video then cut to her showing off one side of her chest, with the pasty dropped below the marking by about an inch.

“Ten minutes later, one side had already dropped! I was hoping it would last a little bit longer than that, but no,” she said, adding: “So I decided just to stick it back where it was and hope for the best.”

Then another 10 minutes later, Jen was met with more disappointment as the same side slid down.

“The other side was okay but it was starting to peel up at the edges,” she added.

At 11:15am, the pasties slipped for the third time.

“By the time I got to breakfast, I could just feel that side slowly peeling off and at this point, both sides were down,” Jen said.

“Then I went about the rest of my day, ran some errands, got home later in the afternoon and this was the result,” she said, showing that both sides had dropped by over an inch around 3pm.

“So it really just wasn’t holding up to the weight of my chest. The rest of it was still in place; it was just that top portion that did not want to stay put,” Jen explained.

After 5pm, both sides fell yet again and the top tabs were also peeling around the edges.

Giving her final verdict, Jen said: “So you could use these for a bit of modesty but I would not trust them with your life to hold anything of substantial weight up.”

Her followers swarmed her comments with similar stories of lackluster pasty products as well as recommendations.

“I tried these and they did not work, exactly like yours they unpeeled and came unstuck within minutes,” one person wrote.

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Another person suggested: “Skin prep! Clean the area with soap and dry and then use an alcohol pad to prep and maybe that would work better!”

“You need to try the ones that are more [of a] Band-Aid type composition, not these silicone ones. The Band-Aid ones like ‘Brassy Bra’ stay put,” another said.

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