FIRST impressions are everything but this employee might have ruined it on her first day at a new job.

A woman had her first day at Fashion Nova end with her being sent home for her "distracting outfit.

The woman shared a reel on Facebook, expressing what happened to her.

"Guys, it's my first day working at Fashion Nova…and I got sent home for my outfit," read the text overaly in the video.

"I don't see what's the problem…" it continued as she showed off the dress and did a twirl.

According to the link in the video, the black and gold dress was from Fashion Nova, obviously pointing to the fact that the video was an ad from the company.

However, the clip continues with the woman revealing that she's going to talk to the HR department.

The next clip has the woman speaking to the offscreen HR person who tells her that her dress is "too revealing and it's distracting."

The video received several comments, with some not getting the joke.

"This has to be a joke, ain’t no real person that has common since [sic] know that’s not business attire," wrote one person.

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"Talk to HR. But you better be happy they don’t let you go."

However, others were quick to realize they were being duped by the ad.

"DO YOU GUYS NOT SEE ITS FASHION NOVA POSTING THIS??? Y'all believe anything I swear," wrote one person.

"The link to the dress is ltieraly in the caption, guys," wrote another person. "This is just them marketing."

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