A young woman claimed she was dress coded after going to get her passport pictures taken. 

Lizzie Dufault says she was told that her outfit wasn’t appropriate enough for the picture to be taken. 

She was wearing a white crop top, which showed off her shoulders and stomach area. 

However, she claims the photographer refused to take a picture of her. 

Sharing a video to her 14.8k followers, Lizzie said: “Didn’t realise there was a dress code for passport photos.” 

The video was shared on her TikTok page lizziedufault.


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In the video, Lizzie shows herself wearing a white crop top underneath a grey top. 

The grey top was luckily given to her by her brother who “saved the day with his extra shirt.”

It also looks like it was given to her two other friends as well.

And with that grey top, it appears the passport picture was then a success. 

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She revealed she had to change her white crop top to get the job doneCredit: TikTok/@lizziedufault

Over a hundred people commented on her video.

One wrote: “Well when you wear white basically it won’t show.” 

To which Lizzie replied: “Yeah no white or tank tops and we somehow managed to wear both.” 

Others seemed to be more aware of this rule as one wrote: “It’s on their website for a reason.” 

Another said: “White shirts don’t show up against a white background, I was a photo tech for five years.” 

The UK Gov.uk website only stated that glasses should not be worn unless you have to do so. 

If you must wear glasses, they cannot be sunglasses. 

Fashion hats should also be removed.

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