A HOLIDAYMAKER got an inspiring message tattooed on her ribs – but came to regret it.

Lauren Hughes proudly posted snaps on Pinterest after she first had the inking eight years ago.

But in a TikTok video, she shows how the same tattoo looks totally different now.

Her vid starts by showing her fresh ink, with the caption: "Getting a cute rib tattoo on holiday in Spain."

She is shown lifting up her top to reveal the slogan "sólo se vive una vez", meaning "you only live once".

The video then shows Lauren now, with the caption: "It looking like this 8 years later."

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The thick lines of ink have spread, leaving the slogan an illegible mess.

Lauren posted it in TikTok with the hashtags #tattoofail and #tattooregret.

She added: "Yes I uploaded it on my Pinterest account under 'Quotes'."

One viewer replied: "HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA."

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Earlier this week another woman's holiday tattoo fail went viral on TikTok.

Nancy Gill got a cute fine line tattoo of an aeroplane flying an infinite loop when she was in Thailand in 2020.

Two years later she is mortified at how it has changed.

The lines have spread and the plane thickened to resemble a bird.

One viewer said: ''The person who done this tattoo clearly wasn’t qualified and they have gone too deep and it’s pooled out''.

But another claimed: '"It’s just ur skin growing and stretching out.''

Another TikToker said an arm tattoo she got while feeling impulsive was "the worst idea I’ve ever had in my life".

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