A FORMER inmate said being locked up doesn’t mean you don’t want to look good.

While in prison, she created her own homemade makeup using the few ingredients at her disposal.

TikToker and beauty lover Taylor (@taylorbnice) is finally free after doing 17 years in prison – and she learned a thing or two during her time there.

One tip she’s taking with her outside of the cell is how to make “prison makeup.”

Holding up a small plastic container, she said to fill it with something like flour, cake mix, or powdered sugar: “Just make sure it’s white.”

Next, get a bottle of Pepsi and a packet of cocoa mix.

Taylor said to start by pouring a small amount – about a bottle cap’s size – of Pepsi into the white powder.

“Because if you put too much in the beginning, you’ll mess up and that’ll be it,” she advised in the clip.

She then added a small amount of cocoa mix, but said the amount depends on your skin tone.

“What the soda does is it makes it sticky so that it can last on your face,” she said, noting that you should keep adding small amounts until you get the texture right.

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“If it gets too dark, just add more flour or powdered, sugar, whatever you’re wearing.”

Although now she uses a brush to apply it, when she was in prison those were pretty scarce – so she used a tampon instead.

Spreading the homemade makeup all over her eyelid, forehead, and cheekbones, her skill became evident.

The tone was bright and creamy, the texture stuck to her face like Sephora foundation, and the shading highlighted her stunning features.

Viewers were taken aback by the impressive results.

“That’s some fire coverage,” one person wrote.

“But why does this look way better than a lot of name brand foundations,” noted another.

“It’s the coverage & shade match for me,” a third echoed.

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