AN independent woman has shared how she built herself an off-grid home and became self-sufficient, all at 25 years old.

She joked that she found the code to early retirement.

Misty (@offgridmisty) shared the video with over 130,000 TikTok followers.

The content creator revealed that at 25, she managed to build her own off-grid homestead and she's been doing perfectly fine.

"I have one final step in becoming completely self-sufficient in less than a year, here's how I did it," she said.

She brought viewers into her off-grid home, where she showed off the ropes of how the home is run.

"Electricity? Solar. Food? Grow it. Catch that rainwater, use that composting outhouse," she said, revealing her power sources.

The content creator grows her own food in her backyard and filters out rainwater for daily use.

She even grills her food on a homemade fire, showing off the pit she cooks on.

The content creator joked that at the rate she's going, she'll be set for an early retirement.

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People were impressed by her skills her drive to her home, and her independence.

"Very impressive, not many people can do what you've done, thanks for sharing, and take care," praised one commenter.

Others were inspired by her video and desired her lifestyle.

"Right where I need to be, live off the land," said another.

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