THE feeling of regret that hits you after a tattoo failure is terrible.

Joelle Levine experienced this after getting a tattoo that wasn't comparable to what she'd initially asked for, that is, a dainty floral tattoo.

On her TikTok, responding to a commenter, she revealed why she was getting her tattoo of a flower bouquet removed.

According to her, it was supposed to be a tattoo with "fine lines" that was "delicate" and done with a single needle.

Her tattoo artist was up for the task, but unfortunately, didn't deliver.

Instead, Levine revealed a tattoo of a bouquet of flowers with heavy black ink, a far cry from her vision.

She explained: "And then I ended up with this. Which has blown out lines, is not fine line, is not anything like I wanted it to be so I'm getting this thing removed.

"And this was right after it was done and you could still see that some of the lines are faded right after it was done."

In other tattoo fail news, a tattoo artist gave their client the wrong tattoo and didn't realize it until weeks after it was done.

Sydney Mulvaney's client waited four months just to get the wrong tattoo on her thigh.

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Instead of receiving a woman's face with a blue flower – one of the two sketches Mulvaney advertised online – the client was given a slightly different image with pink flowers.

"Months later at our appointment neither of us realized it was the wrong design until she asked me why I didn't do the beads," the caption on Mulvaney's video read.

"At that point the tattoo was finished."

Thankfully, Mulvaney's client was fine with the situation and even thanked her in a message.

"Seriously don't feel bad! I get it," the text read. "I am not even a little upset! I love it!"

She even booked to get the original tattoo she wanted for October.

TikTok users were divided about who should pay for the mix-up, some suggesting Mulvaney should give her client the second tattoo for free.

"Mad respect for being honest but she should get the second one for free," one user wrote.

Others were confused as to why the client didn't notice the blunder earlier and blamed her for the mishap.

"I mean why didn't she say anything while she was getting it stencilled on her? Everyone's blaming the artist but its her fault too for not speaking up," one user said.

"How are y’all out here saying the client should get it for free but forgetting that she’s seen the design multiple times and not once stated it was [wrong]," another posted.

"Do y'all not have to approve designs before they're put on you? I literally have to sign my sketch before I start the apt," a fellow tattoo artist said.

Sydney vowed to make her client another tattoo when the correct design is inked on.

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