MAY 22 – JUNE 21

A lot of talking at home can turn into decisive action, when you show you’re ready to welcome change instead of fighting it. And this time, all generations can get on board. 

Your love zone may be double trouble, but in all the ways you

And two flirty messages can start a delicious set of choices. 

The moon lightens emotions all week, so key feelings can come out.

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DESTINY DAYS Focus health choices on Tuesday and set a cash deadline (a firm one!) for Friday. The right numbers add up in the right way on Sunday.

LUCKY LINKS The scent of roses. Information forwarded by a “P”
friend. A craft-themed TV show.

GEMINI MERCURY MINDSET You can scan property pages super-fast and find the perfect address – as mind planet Mercury moves sectors. And if you need to talk your way into, or out of, a family deal, start right now.

RUNE REVELATIONS This week’s rune EOHLZIG favours absolute honesty – even if this may appear over-blunt to some people. 

Yes, get ready to recast yourself as a rebel rule-breaker, and someone who’s not afraid to stand up to bullies, or tactless/ thoughtless people.

Whatever life brings, this rune equips you to handle it well.

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