GLAMOROUS Darcie Richards lives a double life of “girly” nights out — and days as a bricklayer.

The 25-year-old posts videos from building sites on TikTok and is keen to encourage other women to get into the industry.

She said: “I meet loads of young girls who don’t know how to do it so it’s amazing to be able to give hints and tips.”

Darcie, of Attleborough, Norfolk, took up bricklaying two years ago — at first working for her property developer parents but now freelance.

And she still loves an evening in a restaurant with girlfriends.

She said: “We talk about hair and make-up and what we’re going to watch at the cinema.

“I have two lives. I’m definitely a girly girl at heart but I can get down and dirty with the boys.”

The TikTok account – that Darcie shares with her two brothers who are also bricklayers – is nearly at 100,000 followers after seven months.

She explained: "I posted a video of me laying a brick on TikTok and this video went viral overnight.

"I think a female bricklayer is very unique; I don't know any other female bricklayers.

"Bricklaying is heavy lifting and hard graft and men don't think women are strong enough to do that but after a few months, you build up your muscles and now I never ache at all.

"I can lift anything they lift.

"Women should be able to do any job and it's definitely becoming more accepted.

"The only sexist comments I've received have been from people online but I'm quick to bite back at people and prove that women can do the exact same things men can do.

"It's really scary for girls going into this industry because when you go on site, you are taking a big leap and you will probably be the only girl on site but as long as you have thick skin and can have a laugh, you'll fit in fine.

"If you don't try it, you'll never know and it's actually a really fun job to have.

"It's very hands on and it's fun building stuff and being outside".

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