Jennifer Lopez is newly single after breaking things off with fiance Alex Rodriguez in April. Since that time, Lopez has been spotted hanging out with her ex-boyfriend, actor Ben Affleck. It has long been reported that Lopez and Affleck fell in love while filming “Gigli” in 2002. At the time, Lopez was married to Cris Judd. The two got divorced just nine months after their wedding, according to Us Weekly, and J-Lo went on to date Affleck. Although the two ended up getting engaged, they never ended up getting married, and eventually parted ways in early 2004, according to MTV.

“I am confirming the report that Jennifer Lopez has ended her engagement to Ben Affleck. At this difficult time, we ask that you respect her privacy,” a spokesperson for Lopez told MTV at the time. Over the years, Lopez and Affleck have remained friends. Although they both went on to marry — and have families with — other people, there was always something special between Jenny from the Block and the guy from Boston. So, could love bloom again for these two? Keep reading to find out.

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck have remained good friends over the years

Ben Affleck proved that he still has a great relationship with Jennifer Lopez when he agreed to be a part of her feature with InStyle for the magazine’s May 2021 issue. On the inside pages, Affleck was one of a handful of people who had nothing but wonderful things to say about the “Shotgun Wedding” actor. “I thought I had a good work ethic, but I was completely humbled and blown away by what she was committed to doing day in and day out, the seriousness in which she took her work, the quiet and dedicated way she went about accomplishing her goals, and then how she would go back and redouble her efforts. She remains, to this day, the hardest-working person I’ve come across in this business,” Affleck told the outlet in part.

Fans couldn’t help but freak out after reading Affleck’s thoughts about his ex. Of course, the fact that Affleck was featured in the article and Lopez’s at-the-time fiance Alex Rodriguez wasn’t also spoke volumes. “This story was done months ago, so it seems to indicate that Jennifer and Alex have been having problems for months. How else would her ex-husband [Marc Anthony] and ex-fiancé be included, but not her current fiancé?” a source told Page Six. Was this a hint about Lopez and Affleck rekindling their romance?

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck's recent rendezvous in Montana has fans wondering about their relationship

While fans have been freaking out about the possibility of Bennifer 2.0, Entertainment Tonight pour ice over all of those theories with a report that confirmed that Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck are “just friends.” Yes, the two have been spending time together, but sources have insisted that their relationship is strictly platonic. On May 9, however, Affleck and Lopez romance rumors kicked into high gear once more when the two were spotted together in Montana, according to Page Six. Once again, fans can’t help but wonder if there is something more going on between these former lovers. For this reason, Nicki Swift caught up with matchmaker and CEO of Exclusive Matchmaking Susan Trombetti to get her opinion on the whole Lopez-Affleck thing. We asked Trombetti who would make a good match for Lopez, now that she’s single — and she didn’t hesitate to suggest Affleck as being a top choice.

“When it comes to who will make a good partner for J-Lo, she could easily date Ben for a while and maybe even marry him. Between her and Jennifer Garner, maybe they can help him keep his demons at bay. He is a fabulous guy it seems, and they have history, love, and distance from their first split,” Susan told Nicki Swift exclusively. 

Ben Affleck would be a good match for Jennifer Lopez, expert says

Susan Trombetti went on to tell Nicki Swift that Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck could work this time around because they “have an edge now that they have the lens of maturity to process what went wrong the first time and change it, so they don’t repeat the same mistakes.” Unsurprisingly, Trombetti believes that Lopez “needs a man that is her equal with her work ethic and success” but admits that whomever she falls in love with next doesn’t “need to be famous.”

If Lopez and Affleck don’t reignite their romance, Trombetti thinks that J-Lo “might go for a self-made kind of guy in business that no one knows.” This, of course, would be a different venue for Lopez, who has almost always dated high-profile men in the industry, including Marc Anthony, P Diddy, and Alex Rodriguez. Fans will just have to wait and see if Lopez and Affleck decide to take their relationship to the next level. It’s safe to say that we’ll all be watching!

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